Athena Workflow Automator

Automate thousands of browser workflows with simple conversation

Athena Writer Rendering
Of tasks to automate

Double Your Efficiency with Athena

Experience unparalleled conversational automation that effortlessly transforms text into automated workflows.

Conversational Workflow Automation

Automate tasks and workflows seamlessly, as if you were chatting with a trusted friend.

Your Unified AI Companion

Athena not only automates tasks but also empowers you to create blogs, summarize articles, understand code, and much more.

An Omni-Present Companion

Athena is always by your side, in your browser, on your phone, and integrated with your most-used technologies.

Save Hundreds of Hours

Harness the power of browser workflow automation and text generation to revolutionize your everyday life.

Achieve Flow at Work

Unleash tranquility and automate mundane tasks 80% faster, all with simple language.

Create Seamlessly

Serenity Unleashed.

Integrate your apps and enjoy a seamless serene experience.

40+ Apps
Integrate the apps you use everyday for Athena to understand you deeper.
100,000+ Token Input Length
Athena is capable of handling inputs bigger than 1000,000+ words with our all-new language models.
Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, Edge,
An unified experience no matter what browser you use.
Personalized Finetuning
From the moment you sign up, the entire Athena experience revolves around you, your needs, and wants.

Athena AI

Unlock the power of Athena AI for just $20. Your fluid, seamless, and comprehensive AI-powered writing assistant is always by your side.


$240 billed annually

  • Real-time translations
  • Summaries
  • Key Points
  • Enhance writing
  • Correct spelling & grammar
  • Adjust voice & tone
  • Modify length
  • Explain
  • Simplify language

Create Effortlessly

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