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Meet Athena

A suite of tools to help you automate 1000s of workflows in simple language

Athena Writer Extension

Seamlessly Automate 1000s of tasks in your browser.

Athena Browser Workflow Automator

Transform text into automated workflows with Athena, your browser copilot!

Athena Search

Lightning Fast AI-powered search with reliable citations


The Fastest, Most Creative, and Reliable Language Model Ever Built.


Swarms, Reliably Automate 1000s of activities with Autonomous AI Agents


Agora is an 2,000+ member strong all-new State of the art research organization devoted to advancing Humanity by democratizing super intelligent Mult-Modality AI Models!

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Creator Codex
Diary entry's on Design lessons from UX TO UI and creating experiences.
The Reclamation
Tips and Tricks on how to reclaim 100s of hours from repitive tasks in work and life.